Evaluation of Open Inquiry Learning Model for Physics Teachers


  • Arra Quitaneg-Abaniel President Ramon Magsaysay State University


This research responded to the need to provide teachers with a clear model of inquiry-based instructions to help teachers implement this learning approach and take advantage of its benefits. The study employed an action research design, wherein the researcher designed and evaluated an Open Inquiry Learning Model in Physics (OILMP). The learning model was implemented to Grade 12 students under STEM track (n=30). The model defined the roles of teachers and students in an open inquiry learning approach. Findings revealed that teachers should orient, elicit questions, facilitate in the learning process, motivate the students, validate information, ask questions, summarize lesson, assess students and provide immediate feedback. Students' roles are to complete KWL chart, conduct research, validate or evaluate information, ask questions, plan for investigations, investigate, and report research and findings. This model provided complete details on how open inquiry may be facilitated in the Philippine setting.






Research Article