The Relationship between Secondary School Teachers' Job Satisfaction and their Attitude towards Teaching Profession


  • May Wah Linn Yangon University of Education
  • Nilar Myo Tint Yangon University of Education


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between secondary school teachers' job satisfaction and their attitude concerned with teaching. A total of 120 secondary school teachers from basic education sector participated in this study. Random sampling technique was applied in collecting the required data. Job satisfaction questionnaire and attitude towards teaching questionnaire were used in this study. In accordance with the ANOVA and independent sample t-test results, no significant difference in job satisfaction by district, teaching experience and marital status was observed. In addition, no significant difference in teaching attitude by teaching experience and marital status was found. However, there was a significant difference in teaching attitude by district. Teachers' attitude towards teaching had a positive correlation with their job satisfaction. Furthermore, 29.7% of the variance in teaching attitude was predicted by job satisfaction. Social benefits and supportive administration in job satisfaction were good predictors of teachers' attitude towards teaching.