The Terms of Reference of the PNU-PO Director shall be based on the PNU Special Order No. 26, Series of 2022.

Management Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Manage the operations of the University’s official publication/s;
  2. Adopts and sustains mechanisms for international visibility of articles published in University-managed journals, such as through online systems and journal indexing
  3. Serves as the Editor-in-Chief (please refer to TOR on Editorial Structure of the journal) of The Normal Lights and APHERJ
  4. Serves as Managing Editor of AsTEN Journal of Teacher Education
  5. Initiates content review of all online systems
  6. Regularly update the Vice President for Research, Planning, and Quality Assurance (VPREQA) and the Director of the Research Management Office (RMO) on matters related to student and faculty publications;
  7. Ensure that the University policies and system related to publication are adhered to;
  8. Ensure academic integrity on publications by coordinating with the Research Ethics Committee;
  9. Collaborate with the University Curriculum Management and Instructional Materials Office (UCMIMO) for quality assurance in publishing instructional materials; and
  10. Perform other functions as may be required by the VPRPQA and other members of the PNU Executive Committee.

Strategic Development Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Assist the VPREQA in ensuring that the PNU Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives are reflected in the work of the Publications Office;
  2. Ensure that the University has regular research publications, publishes the quality work of faculty members and students, and coordinates with the RMO on relevant matters;
  3. Implement the University’s Quality Assurance (QA) system with the VPREQA and/or Director of the Quality Assurance Management Office (QUAMO)
  4. Assist the VPREQA in ensuring compliance with the University’s system standards within the PO domain;
  5. Ensure compliance with the PNU Branding Program in coordination with the Vice President for University Relations and Advancement (VPURA) and/or relevant offices under the VPURA domain;
  6. Assist the VPREQA in directing PNU publications toward making PNU the ASEAN Hub for Teacher Education Research;
  7. Develop programs in the area of publication that will help raise revenues for the University;
  8. Assist the VPREQA on the University’s responsiveness to stakeholders;
  9. Support activities about the University’s projected development and sustainability;
  10. Provide the faculty with the opportunity to be published and coordinate with the RMO Director for capacity building of faculty members; and
  11. Create innovations that will help improve the University’s publication

Technical Assistant – Web Editor

  1. Design and manage all the Publication Office online systems (Online Monograph System, Online Journal Systems (for the four journals), Social Media accounts, Anti-plagiarism software, Editing applications, Graphics software, Indexing of Journals, PO Youtube Channel, DOI, PNU PO Portal, PO Database, PNU Research Portal)
  2. Monitors article and monograph submissions via the Online Journal System, emails and notifications, and PNU Online Commons
  3. Updates the managing editors of all e-submissions
  4. Develop strategies for article citation and indexing
  5. Design graphics and create videos for the office
  6. Preparation of metadata for submission to AGPCI (The Normal Lights and APHERJ)
  7. Prepares consolidated PNU SINAG evaluation and evaluation of all systems
  8. Registration of published articles of The Normal Lights in DOI (CrossRef)
  9. Continuous monitoring of online metrics of the systems of the office
  10. Monthly database backup for all websites managed by the PNU Publication Office
  11. Communicate with web hosting and domain name service providers
  12. Write a newsletter article every quarter

Technical Assistant – Online Commons & Turnitin Administrator

  1. Collect all learning resources (technical reports, theses and dissertations, instructional materials, research, reference materials) from all the units in the University (Faculty from campuses, UCMIMO, College of Teacher Development, Faculty of Science, Technology and Mathematics, Faculty of Languages, Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Faculty of Education Sciences)
  2. Format all submitted materials (technical reports, theses and dissertations, instructional materials, research, reference materials) into a layout for uploading to the web portal editor
  3. Enroll all students in the PNU Online Commons upon enrollment (per term basis)
  4. Check the quality of all submitted materials’ contents of the PNU Online Commons
  5. Submit a quarterly report on visits, views, and downloads of all uploaded materials in the PNU Online Commons
  6. Update the Publication Office Director on all status and appraises of the PNU Online Commons
  7. Draft and upload news briefs and announcements in the portal in line with the PNU Online Commons
  8. Serves as curator of PNU Online Commons and develops ways of improving the PNU Online Commons
  9. Monitors the Anti-plagiarism use of faculty, staff, and students.
  10. Manage faculty enrolment as instructors in the anti-plagiarism software, file deletion through communication to anti-plagiarism software, and technical support
  11. Provides statistics on faculty use per campus
  12. Prepare monthly anti-plagiarism software report (Journals: TNL, APHERJ, AsTEN)
  13. Preparation and release of certificates of authenticity
  14. Manage student and faculty concerns on Online Commons and anti-plagiarism software
  15. Communicate with the anti-plagiarism software company or representatives regarding renewal, schedule of anti-plagiarism software training, and other faculty concerns
  16. Prepare necessary documents for the anti-plagiarism software training
  17. Preparation and release of Certificate of Appreciation for Online Commons Contributors
  18. Write a newsletter article every quarter

Technical Assistant – Journal Assistants (will be equivalent to the number of journals managed)

  1. Manages, maintains, and updates the online system of the assigned journal
  2. Monitors article submissions, emails, and notifications via the online system of the assigned journal
  3. Updates the Managing Editor and the Editor-in-Chief
  4. Develop strategies for article citation
  5. Maintain archives of published papers, copies of review records, copies of formal correspondence, minutes of meetings, and a list of contacts of the assigned journal
  6. Observe acceptable ethical standards and principles in internal management decision-making processes
  7. Adhere at all times to the University’s Code of Ethics provisions, particularly on integrity, avoidance of conflict of interest, and protection of the Center’s reputation
  8. Facilitate a Call for Submission of the assigned journal
  9. Regularly check the online journal system of the assigned journal for new article submissions
  10. Conduct an initial technical review of all articles submitted for possible acceptance to the assigned journal
  11. Assist the Editor-in-Chief in enhancing the quality of the assigned journal
  12. Send regular invitations and collect research articles from PNU faculty and students across campuses, other TEIs, and local and foreign experts in education and teacher education for publications in the assigned journal
  13. Monitor articles from submissions to publication
  14. Monitor the review progress of the assigned journal
  15. Act as the editorial manager of the assigned journal
  16. Check references and similarity index of manuscripts under editorial review
  17. Proofread the final drafts of the articles for publication
  18. Facilitate the annual production of the assigned journal
  19. Regularly update the Editor-in-Chief on the status of articles submitted for evaluation and publication
  20. Update and revitalize the assigned journal, the editorial team, and the pool of reviewers by tapping and inviting probable team members
  21. Act as the curator of the journal’s policy and procedures documents
  22. Maintain the archive of published papers, copies of review records, copies of formal correspondence, minutes of meetings, and list of contacts
  23. Performs other tasks that the Editor-in-Chief and the PNU-PO Director may assign
  24. Prepare honorarium for viewer and editorial
  25. Prepare and send a certificate of publication to the author
  26. Facilitate author evaluation, consideration, and analysis
  27. Communicate copyright transfer. 28. Monthly checkup of the database of the journal website.

Support Staff of the Publication Office

  1. Provide technical and clerical work in all activities of the unit
  2. Coordinate the marketing plans of the PNU-PO with the e-Journal system assistant, production desk office/assistant, and managing editors
  3. Monitor all administrative systems of the unit
  4. Track all PNU-PO concerns within the unit and with other units/agencies
  5. Ensure that ISO protocols are strictly observed even in online systems.
  6. Manage the preparation of all technical reports
  7. Prepare text for FB page uploads
  8. Assists in coordination with other offices in the University to realize the deliverables of the PNU-PO
  9. Act as DCMT of the unit
  10. Act as chair of other special projects of the unit
  11. Serve as custodian of the unit