The PNU-Publication Office is delighted to announce the publication of Asia Pacific Higher Education Journal 9(1) August 2022 issue. The current issue features four (4) articles that highlight the significance of developing programs and instruments, investigating learning interventions, and identifying experiences of learners amid the crisis in pursuing quality education. Using comparative literature review, Tabalanza and colleagues (2022) investigated the relevance and usefulness of socio-emotional learning (SEL) in both pre-pandemic and post-pandemic periods. Likewise, Ole and Gallos (2022) suggested the utilization of Feedback Loop Model (FLD) as a Professional Development Program (PDP) to improve teachers’ classroom practices. The reported experiences of learners and teachers on Foreign Language (FL) in the new normal setting unfolded the dire need to address issues in virtual management classrooms as described in the study of Ledesma and Toledo (2022). Lastly, Jemsy (2022) developed an Educational Research Literacy Scale (ERLS) that measures four dimensions (knowledge of research concepts, data literacy, information literacy, and evidence-based reasoning) of Filipino professionals, which may be adopted by the higher education institutions.

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