Management Practices at the Redentor Berongoy Rayla Konsultants (Rbrk) Consultancy and Construction Services: Proposed Enhancement Measures


  • Redentor B. Rayla


The objective of the study is to determine the management practices, relationships, and problems of RBRK Consultancy and Construction Services. The weighted mean was used to measure the respondent practices involving 12 employees and 25 subcontractors. The results revealed that management practices obtained an average weighted mean of well-carried out which means that they were put into execution within the numerical rating of 86-90 percent. As regards to the practices in the management workforce, and management clientele relationships, the average result carried out was rated between 76-85 percent. Enhancement measures are recommended in zeroing on problems that arose in the management practices. Measures for enhancement such as establishing a good work environment through harmonious collaboration and teamwork among employees and project leaders, following guidelines set by the company considering the purpose and value of the policies being covered, and monitoring by auditing the management system for corrective actions are highly recommended.