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Concretizing the notion on the improvement of practices in education, APHERJ 6(1) issue underscores distinct forms of research processes (action learning and action research, assessment and evaluation, and quantitative and experimental processes) scrutinized by the five research articles. Action learning and action research for the article, “Hope and Gratitude: Potential Springboard to Fortify Work Ethics”, authored by Lorizza Mae Posadas-Gacott, assessment and evaluation processes for the articles, “Implementation of Bookkeeping Practices in Micro-Enterprises” authored by Fershie D. Yap and “The Use of Tracer Study in Improving Undergraduate Programs in the University” authored by Lijueraj J. Cuadra, Ma. Rachel Kim L. Aure, and Gretchen L. Gonzaga, and quantitative and experimental processes for the articles, “Perceptions on the water quality of Marikina River of selected riverbank residents of Barangays Manggahan and Santolan, Pasig City, Philippines” Balinado authored by Lloyd O. Balinado, Shiela Marie D. Bahia, Rizza Mae E. Manzano, and Joshua Jerro A. Cuibillas, and “Marketability and Health Benefits Obtained from Dried Okra, Turmeric, Lemon grass (tanglad), Guyabano Leaves and Mint Leaves as an Ingredient in Making Tea” authored by Gina D. Tabia and Apple Joy M. Garcia

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