Publication Office

The Philippine Normal University Publication Office is the publishing hub of the University. It highlights the University’s mandate as the National Center for Teacher Education to produce innovative, humane teachers, competent educational leaders and proficient research scholar by publishing academic and trade books and scholarly journals – in both print and electronic editions.

The Normal Lights

The Normal Lights is a peer-reviewed journal in education and educational innovations and development, indexed in ASEAN CITATION INDEX (ACI) database. Its mission is to rationalize and bridge the gap between theory and practice in educational systems in the Philippines and beyond. This CHED-recognized(Journal Incentive Program-Journal Incubation Grant)  journal intends to: 1) promote understanding of issues on education and development through publication of empirical quantitative and/or qualitative research articles and scholarly essays both methodologically or theoretically innovative; 2) provide an avenue for education researchers and practitioners to debate current trends, problems and challenges in this field, and; 3) offer a national, regional, and global perspective of education and development in the Philippines, Asia and other parts of the world.

ISSN: 1656-4413

EISSN: 2350-6733

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Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Journal (APHERJ)

The Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Journal (APHERJ),an international multidisciplinary refereed journal, publishes quality and high impact researches addressing issues and concerns of education and teacher education, social sciences, engineering and technology and educational policy and business education in the Asia Pacific Rim.  It provides a forum for dissemination of qualitative and quantitative researches on theory and instructional model building, product development, policy studies, internationalization as well as local responsiveness from different countries and cultures. It aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice through the publication of empirical research which are relevant and contributory to solving higher education problems.

ISSN: 2408-350x

EISSN: 2467-6802

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AsTEN Journal of Teacher Education

The Association of Southeast Asian Teacher Education Network (AsTEN) Journal of Teacher Education is the flagship publication of ASTEN, a multidisciplinary peer- refereed international journal that will serve as the main platform by which the network’s initiatives are made known to the academic community.   It is expected to provide a scholarly forum on the dynamics of teacher education and the current initiatives of AsTEN member institutions in the areas of research and publication, scholarship of teaching, teacher education leadership, curriculum and pedagogy, reciprocity program, quality assurance and harmonization of standards and other relevant topics which continue to shape and redefine teacher education in the ASEAN region.


EISSN: 2467-7825

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